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Early Childhood Program

St. Gertrude Preschool uses the Learning Without Tears-Get Set For School  curriculum.  Preschool children learn through movement and participation.  They need explicit modeled instruction.  They also need playful learning opportunities to explore and internalize new ideas.  Children learn best when they move, manipulate objects, build, sing, draw, and participate in dramatic play.  The playful approach has been such a success with this curriculum.

 Our teachers work hard to make sure that your child is actively learning throughout the day.  We plan daily lesson plans to encourage and challenge your preschooler to learn all that they can about the world around them.  Our academics focus on language art skills, math, writing, art, science, social skills, and the Bible.  We have many fun opportunities for the children to become involved in their classrooms; from daily jobs, to student of the week, sharing days, and going to mass with our “big buddies” monthly.  You will be amazed at all the new and exciting things your child will come home talking about.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an orientation please contact our Preschool Director.

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